The Benefits of Installing Built-Up Roofs

Advantages of Built Up Roofing

Built-Up Roof: The Roofing System That Provides Durability and Longevity When it comes to roofing systems, homeowners and business owners are presented with a wide range of options to choose from. However, one popular choice is the built-up roof (BUR), also known as a tar-and-gravel roof. BUR is a multi-layered roofing system that comprises reinforcing […]

Guide to Built Up Roofing Systems

benefits of built up roofing

Why You Should Choose a Built-Up Roof (BUR): Benefits of Built Up Roof Systems Built-up roofs are sometimes referred to as “membrane roofs” because they usually have some membrane layer (such as tar paper, or modified bitumen ) between the various layers of the roof deck. It is a type of roofing system consisting of […]